Kim Kardashian the Libra

She is a perfectionist
Beautiful and voluptuous Kim Kardashian is a Sun in Libra native, passionately espousing the concepts of beauty, peace, and unity in the world.
Pluto conjuncts the Sun intensifying this need for harmony, and Saturn requires law and justice.
Sag rising makes her attractive and outgoing and Mars and Neptune conjunct add spice, energy, mystery and seductiveness.
Virgo MC is discerning and astute, and with Venus and especially Jupiter conjunct -makes her widely known for her beauty and charms.
Moon in Pisces is dreamy, emotional, feminine, alluring, and intuitive, and good for a career in music, art, theatre, or the film industry.
Mercury in Scorpio makes this Libra much more sensitve and perceptive with a tendency towards secrecy.
They are subtle and passionate and have an interest in dark or mysterious subjects such as sex, death, rebirth, and the occult in general.
Mercury is conjuncted by Uranus giving mental speed, originality, and brilliance. Venus in Virgo gives a liking for order, work, discipline, and good hygiene.
They are comely and civilized types who wish to be helpful or productive in some way. Venus with Jupiter receives gifts and honors and is lucky with finances.
Mars in Sagittarius is an active and energetic placement liking to explore and taking risks.
They are highly independant and freedom-loving and excel in all manner of sport or physical activity.
They are also highly spiritual and fight for moral or ethical principles.
Neptune in the same sign as Mars can weaken or drain the enegies and lead to deceptive or scandalous activities.
Jupiter in Virgo makes a big issue out of being neat, orderly, punctual, and efficient.
They succeed in anything requiring routine, stamina, or attention to detail. They also have a tendency to inflate trivial matters.
Saturn in Libra is the artist, sculptor, designer, and lawmaker.
They are experts on society, people, culture, and relations, and many have flawless hair, skin, and very fine bone structure.
Saturn with Pluto knows how to handle power and authority.
Uranus in Scorpio explores or experiments with sex and the paranormal and comes up with some very unique or unusual conclusions.
Neptune in Sagittarius thirsts for travel and adventure and the search for spiritual meaning or oneness.
Pluto in Libra has intense and passionate relationships can become obsessed with beauty, art, and the need for harmony or unity.

Kim Kardashian is the ultimate Libra! Check out here Libra qualities. is so true!

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