Surprisingly Cute Baby Animals

Baby Stingrays
We are almost speechless with these critters, but they are for real!
What looks to be a pair of legs are called “claspers”, or modified fins.
Claspers are only found on males, for mating.. so these three dancing babies are males!
Stingrays are found around the world inhabiting warmer tropical waters, they generally prefer deeper depths over shallow.
Females breed in the winter and birth around 5 to 15 babies in a litter.
The babies are actually milk-fed while inside the mother during gestation.
They don’t have predators except for sharks, and they’re solely carnivorous, not eating plant life.
They are most known for their deadly razor-sharp stingers. They reach up to 14ft long, so seeing these little baby rays is truly wondrous!

Surprisingly cute baby animals! I want to squeeze a baby llama!

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