Why Does Obama Hate Israel?

Rashid Khalidi
#Barack Obama has a record of associating with questionable figures, and when he is called on it responding with belittling lines about how petty and irrelevant the question is.
In reality, our president is supposed to be a man of utmost integrity, and his personal relationships before election are completely fair game.
Rashid Khalidi would admit to his strong anti-Israeli opinions, something with which Obama says he disagrees;
the issue is whether or not the President has a close enough relationship with Khalidi that he may have let his influence invade his politics.
Obama says they were not particularly close, but an associate who was at the University of Chicago during the time of Obama and Khalidi claims differently.
They both worked for the University, and he said that Khalidi and Obama were often seen together as acquaintances,
friends who lived near each other and even went so far as to babysit each others’ children.
In 2000, Khalidi was a prominent fundraiser for Obama’s failed Senate campaign, a fact which Khalidi confirms.
But, in spite of all this, Obama says, “So we gotta be careful about guilt by association.”

Why does Obama hate Israel? I can’t believe his quote from

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